Hi, and Welcome to Fat Visions


The idea of Fat Visions originated from emotional self experience, developed further via university education and matured as I arrived at my final destination – a PhD in Social Work. My dissertation A Systemic Stigmatization of Fat People was published 2017, in Sweden. With that thesis I completed a three decade long and deep-and-wide digging quest for a knowledge able to put an end to the mismanagement of fat people in the western world. 

My findings during these decades are truly troublesome to say the least. And I want everyone to know about them. That is why I have created this site.

This will be the place for presenting all available scientific knowledge of a decade-long management of fat people that has ended up in millions of individual disasters . It is my firm belief that if we gain knowledge of what has been done to us, we can also free ourselves from the chains of this market driven ideological dieting culture.

Start clicking the top menus. The enormous amount and complexity of the research I have studied will be summed up in easy-read “boxes”, while also providing links to the original work for those of you who wants to read the complete research.


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